A successful days gaming

If you go down to the underhive, you better go in disguise, because there are things you don't want to meet going down there.

Alan and I had our first game of the new Necromunda. In true fashion we used none of the gangs from the rulebooks or suppliments. So we had Genestealer cult vs Chaos cult. So there have been some strange things going on in the underhive work force. People muttering strange things like workers rights and an end to indentured servitude.

In our game we used the Zone Mortalis boards any my walls from Death Ray Designs. The walls got a lot of spectators and comments. People thought they might be resin at first.

Here is Alan's gang. They are made of official GW models

I made my gang out of  Frostgrave cultists with weapons from the original Necromunda game and some from Hasslefree miniatures.

The game was loads of fun with many cinematic moments. Here is part of the fighting. The Genstealer cult leader got felled by gunfire and is directing his forces from a …

Executioners coming for the Emperors enemies

I have been working on my Executioners. I have now built about 45 models and a couple of vehicles. I got the shoulder pads and vehicle panels from Chapter Customiser. I also have a set of transfers and airbrush stencils

I have some rework to do on getting the shoulder pads right to match the pictures from the Imperial Armour Badab War book. I need to check the reference more frequently.

This weekend Alan and I are going to have a game of Necromunda so I will get to use my terrain from Death Ray Designs so we can have a more immersive Zone Mortalis style game. Alan is going to use a Genestealer cult and I am using a chaos cult. So its one of those, whomever wins we lose scenarios. Annoyingly I couldn't find my chaos cult models I made a while ago so I made a new gang. I can get the gang table ready by the weekend.

Bases, GW technical paints and rusty metal, Orange is the new ultramarine blue.

I have been doing some work on the bases for my Necromunda gangers and my Executioner marines. I found my set of GW paints and have been playing around with the Typhus corrosion, the Ryza rust and the Nurgles rot.

The Nurgles rot does a great impression of the contents of my handkerchief when I have a cold. I am not sure whether this is an indictment on me or the paint.

So my part of the underhive is now filled with rusty metal and slime filled gutters. The Ryza rust is a very thick and gloopy bright orange. You can stipple this on to give more texture or drybrush it on.
I think I will drybrush some Necron Compound around the doors and other features on my Necromunda wall set I got from Death Ray Designs

I have assembled and undercoated my gangers and mounted them on their bases. So now I need to work out their colour schemes.

I think the Orlocks look the easiest to design a scheme for. I think they will be a bike gang look. Black leather jackets, blue grey pants and coloured shirts.

Forgebane, underhive gangs, executioners and daemonhosts.

It has been a bit of a busy week with the hobby. I have been busy assembling 30 gangers in 3 gangs of ten. I have Orlocks, Eshers and Goliaths assembled and waiting some paint. I need to decide some colour schemes. Given people live underground without sunlight I think pale skin and layers of grime will be the order of the day.

I made a list with inquisitor Eisenhorn last week so now I need to make a model for Cherubael. I had a go trying to make one out of a Zombie and then some bits of a chaos Marauder. I have now found one of my Hasselfree models as the base. I need to add some legs and some binding cloths. Then I can add some purity seals. I have also been reading some Dan Abnett books, Magus and Pariah. It was good to read some Inquisition stories again after all these years.

I did some more work on my Executioners I got the red going on the Sternguard sergeant and the Lieutenant. Now I can add the white for the feathers and the scrolls.

I also got a care package from Firestorm G…

Adeptus Mechanicus - Double Battalion list

The new 40K FAQ were released while I was on holiday. I like the new rules, dropping 75% of your army points on your opponent in a deep strike in the top of turn 1 doesn't seem like much of a game to me. I remember Andy Chambers talking about how attacks in 3rd ed took longer to develop so you didn't need over watch. Then they proceeded to speed up the game so attacks happened without any ability to answer. So I like the slower deep strike and the limitations on the number of duplicates of the units. Tyranids are supposed to be led by a hive tyrant not a committee.

I was impacted by the battle brothers rule because I can't make an Inquisitor and their retinue out of a detachment.

But you now get 5 command points for a battalion so for 2 HQ and 3 troop units you get 5 command points. That's very achievable and still leaves plenty of points left over for toys. I also get to use my new Inquisitor Eisenhorn model as an auxiliary HQ. This is even aligned in one of the Eisen…

Dark Ages progress

Last week I was on Holiday in Fiji. I took some models away with me and managed to get some paint on them. I took some plastic dark age warriors that I can use as Anglo Saxons or Anglo Danes.

It was nice to get some base colours on these models. they are now ready for a wash. I think I will break the models into different groups and paint them with different shades of wash on the basis on the colour of their shirt.

I also made a ghetto wet palette out of a glass and some wet tissue. this was useful to use because it kept the paint wet in the hot Fiji air.

When I got home I found Warlord Games had sent me a copy of their shield wall book. this is interesting because its an individual based retinue game version of their Hail Caesar rules. This is cool because I can use my Saga armies for this. (If there is any one who is interested to play with) The book itself is full of great pictures of painted Dark Ages models. Very inspirational.

I also got a figure with the book. Harold Steptoeson…

Hobby update, Sons of Death, Crusaders and Inquisition

Since my Saga game last weekend I have been painting a unit of mercenary warriors, they can be either Sons of Death or Vagrant Warriors.

This gives me a hard hitting unit of expendable mercenaries who can take out an enemy linchpin unit probably at the expense of their own lives.
I have also been finishing off my unit of Crusaders. These are devout warriors of the Emperor and it purely coincidental that they look like gladiators released from the pits to fight for the Inquisition.

I also got a figure of Inquisitor Eisenhorn. I have started work on him. I need to find a suitable model for the Daemonhost Cherubael who is one of the last of Eisenhorn's companions now that he has been declared diabolis and expelled from the inquisition.

I have tried painting the eyes on these models and it is hard work. I definitely think that painting the face and eyes early in the model is the way to go if you want to do it. Then, if you make a mistake its easy to correct without destroying work you…