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Purging the unclean

My Knights got their first outing of the new year up against Al's Genestealer Cult.

I am enjoying the CA 2017, many of the Admech units got cheaper so I am now getting more bang for the buck.

We played one of the new missions from chapter approved 2017, which turned out to be very like one of the variants of the old cleanse mission. We had quarter deployments. Al chose the quarters. We played the woods as blocking LOS if you were shooting through them but providing cover if you were in them and troops inside could be shot at and shoot troops outside.
The Genestealer Cult deployed a couple of tanks a squad of autcannon teams and a sentinel hiding behind the forest. All the scary monsters were hiding in ambush.

I deployed with the knights clustered together and bubble wrapped the Knights with the Admech infantry. This was in case I lost the roll of for the first turn. In the end this didnt matter, I won the first turn.

The Knights set off on their patrol. The first turn was a cautious…

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