The Arms Race is on again

After playing the Marines again, I realised just how fragile Marines are. They can't go toe to toe with many 40K armies in a straight up shootout so they need to be handled carefully. They are a toolbox army, they can move a bit shoot a bit and fight a bit but are not really good at anything compared to the standouts in one field.

After playing Alan and seeing how good the Primaris and especially the Hell Blasters are I broke my first theme rule for the Executioners and I am getting some of my own. Originally, I had thought that my chapter would be unlikely to have been allocated Primaris after they were on the losing side of the Badab War and had to undertake a 100 year penitent crusade.

Given that the timeline has bumped forwards 300 years or so from the end of the Badab War and the Executioners came out of the war with their base intact. So given the desperate straights of the Imperium and 200 years to rebuild, I decided that the Executioners could get some of the Primaris acti…

40K using the Kill team turn sequence

Last weekend Alan and I played a 1500 point game of 40K. We used the turn sequence from Kill Team to try out a more interactive game rather than the completely separate normal 40K turn sequence.

I took my Executioners marines, using the Black Templar chapter tactics and Alan used his Doom Farers using the Imperial Fist tactic.

We were playing the Relic Scenario and the deployment was lengthwise, the Executioners are on the left and the Doom Farers are on the right. Alan moved first so pushed his Rhino over the objective. You can see Alan's clump of Hellblasters, supported by the captain, lieutenant and  ancient. They open the shooting phase and 5 of my tactical marines died to the opening volley.

 Here is my other Rhino, trying to sneak round the forest and set up a pincer movement.
Here is the clump of Doom Farers there are some intercessors protecting the rear and some tactical marines in the ruin on the right.

 In Turn two the Doom Farers move first, two tactical squads jump out…

Last days - underground bunker

Supreme Commander Servalan led her crew into an underground Federation facility looking to find off planet communications to the Federation or parts for the damaged pursuit ship. Like many black projects within the Federation the researchers had been working on new bio weapons, population control and genetic enhancement projects.

Based on the state of the population, something had gone badly wrong and some kind of phage had mutated the population and driven them berserk. This was obviously the work of anti Federation terrorists and saboteurs trying to bring down the Federation.

Alan and I played another game of Last Days, this time we played the Massacre Site scenario. This involved finding some former survivors who had recently turned into zombies. We used my Necromunda tiles and the Death Ray Design walls to make the underground base. Alan was using an eclectic collection of models for his gang. A former outlaw biker and some exotic dancers a former emergency worker in his underpan…

Its 40K Jim but not as we know it.

I so wish 40K had moved to an alternate activation system rather than the I smash you turn 1 then mop up approach the game has turned into.

So Alan and I are going to try a game using the Kill Team turn sequence.

So I have dug out my Executioners and will get a little army together. I get to try out my hammer and anvil strategy with a basic marine army. I don't have to worry about whether the army is internet competitive or not. After reading the published background, I have decided to use the Black Templars chapter rules. They have good chapter tactics, warlord traits and an OK artifact but they don't have librarians. That's OK as long as I don't want to use psychic powers.

I have a Sternguard squad with a mix of combi weapons and special issue bolters

 Here is my assault squad they are made from old black reach terminators with weapons from a box of Vanguard Veterans.
 Here are some tactical squads and some officers
 Here are some more leaders and champions all ready …

Down and not very safe

After our game of Walking Dead, we decided to try out Ash Barkers "the Last Days". These are a simple but atmospheric set of rules where you can chose models from any range you have and pick the stat lines to match your concept of the characters. I guess its comparable in complexity to Frost

I bought some Blakes 7 models and used a Federation Crew. So I could imagine that Supreme Commander Servalan was leading her crew on a secret mission to recover one of her projects aimed at increasing her power amongst the Federation High Council.

It might seem odd using a low budget looking town for the episode, but the BBC were always using low budget sets.
 Here we see Servalan, Space Commander Travis, an enhanced mutoid, and 3 federation troopers.

So having landed their ship nearby Servalan is looking to recover the results of one of her black projects into population pacification. However this one seems to have gone a bit wrong and some of the workers have gone a bit berserk.


The Walking Dead

At Call to Arms Alan and I played a game of the Walking Dead. Alan is a big fan of the comics and after watching a few episodes I had enough of an idea about the background to appreciate the game.

Al built a great table and its a great example of a themed table where you select terrain items from a variety of different ranges and manufacturers but with a common look and feel to make a cohesive whole. Its also a tribute to what you can do with toy cars and Agrax Earthshade.
This game featured some really cinematic moments and a suitably heroic climax.
A survivor arrived at our base with a tale of some children hiding out in the old fast food restaurant. My team are the heroes from the tales so we set out to rescue the children.  Here are my guys moving towards the objective, because there are ten of us we can take down the few nearby walkers although someone managed to die in a wheelie bin and this proved to be a nasty surprise to one of the team members Meanwhile on the other side of to…