Working with Anglo Saxons

In the second round of the day, we decided to have a multiplayer game. We drew coloured skull counters to see who would be on which team. I ended up being partnered with Michael's Anglo Saxons and against us were all the Vikings commanded by Alan and Russell.

The Anglo Norman alliance won the roll off so were the attackers. We played on the whole 6*4 table. We again had the deployment with everybody needing loads of personal space. This forced the armies to spread across the table. I had the honour of commanding the right flank while the Saxons were on the left. This meant Alan would be my primary opponent, because he was on the Viking left. We didn't deploy intermingled so our game ended up be two single player games.
 Here the center of our lines, the first part of the line consist of the levy and the crossbowmen, the Sons of Death are behind them looking for the biggest Viking unit of Hearthguard to go and mutually destroy.

Here is my right flank, with my knights supported b…

Normans Ride Out

This morning I played Russell's Vikings at Saga. I was using my Normans. I had 3 points of Hearthguard in 2 units of 6, 2 units of warriors one with crossbows and 1 the Gall Gail mercenaries and lastly a unit of levies with bows. I played Russel a few months back using my Last Romans. The Normans have a different play style and many more charge with bonus dice abilities.
 My levy, warlord and crossbows deploy and wait for the vikings to show up. Everyone has to deploy M away from another unit. The crossbows take up comfortable positions in the house, they break out the wine and settle in for a long time. No one ever disturbed them

Here are Russells brand new unit of shield maidens. These are very nice models from Brother Vinnie in Russia. They even resemble the actresses from the Vikings show.

In the background are the Berserkers.

The other Vikings form into assault columns to make sure they don't impinge on each other's personal space.

Russell has split his levies into 2 un…

The Normans are coming.

This weekend we are getting together to play some Saga games. I will try out my Book of Battles scenarios so we can see how some of the different scenarios work.

I will take the Normans our for a gallop. This gives me a good excuse to get them out and into the painting queue.
 Here are my Son's of Death. These savage warriors give me some additional hitting power.
 Here are my crossbowmen. Ready to fill any exhausted warlord full of arrows.

Here are my Norman Knights and Warlord. Three points of Hearthguard, ready to charge into the foe.

Last are my levy archers. Perfect for a long range bombardment preferably from cover.
 Here is a bit of terrain I am making for Ghost Archipelago this is polystyrene and plaster rocks covered in tin foil and fine sand. The texture makes for a nice looking weathered stonework. This hill is being defended by some Reaper carniverous apes.

The Cursed Earth with a Badge and an Begging Bowl

I recently received the Osprey Games Judge Dredd Cursed Earth Game. This is a small card game. There are no dice, only decisions which are almost all bad.

The game involves a chase across the Cursed Earth, looking for Max Normal. This adventure is a variant of the Osprey Game - Lost Expedition and uses the same approach.

This is my second solo game. In this game I tried to make things a bit easier for myself and give myself more food and ammunition. According to the rules you only get 3 ration tins and this will last you one and a half days. So either the Justice department expects you to complete the mission by then, beg rations of the natives or eat irradiated food which makes your characters sick.

Here is Dawn on the first day, My team are in Mutie Valley and the encounters we have to resolve are laid out below. First up Satanus the mutant T-Rex, then a spiders web.

After Dawn on the first day we are a bit beaten up and the bad guys are further ahead.

I don't have a shot of the …