Saga 2.0

Alan and I had our first game of Saga 2.0. I painted up some of my Norman models and Alan used his Vikings.

We played a 6 point game. We had loads of fun. I got the Norman Saga ability Volley Fire wrong, I thought that crossbows could also use this ability because they were a type of bow. But it is archers only.
Here is the initial Viking set up, they have a big unit of warriors on the left a smaller unit out in front, two units of hearth guard and a bunch of levies in the forest.

The Vikings make an initial move forwards using their free maneuver actions. The Normans spot an opportunity to take off a Saga dice. I power up my crossbowmen and they shoot down 5 of the warriors.

The Vikings respond by sending their big unit of warriors forward and smash into a unit of the Norman knights. The Vikings trade 7 warriors for 6 Knights. In the next turn the other unit of knights charge in and kill off the warriors.

The Vikings send in their big unit of hearth guard into the Flemish mercenaries. The mercenaries raise shields and take no damage causing the Vikings to bounce back.

Disaster, the Norman knights, rest up, move and then charge the viking hearthguard, the lose 4 and inflict no casualties.

The Viking Hearth Guard kill off another knight

The Levies open fire on the small unit of hearth guard and kill off 2.

The Norman Warlord charges into the heath guard powered up by Dies Aie, the Vikings sacrifice 3 warriors and drag down the warlord.

The Viking Warlord charges into the Flemish Mercenaries and kills off 7 of them. The Warlord ends up exhausted and without support.

 The Crossbowmen shoot and just manage to kill the Viking Warlord. The game ends with both sides too exhausted to continue and dragging their wounded back to the apothecaries and priests.


  1. Nice Report. Glad its not just me finding battles brutal! :D

    1. Even my version 1 battles were pretty brutal. Vikings hit very hard but are not so good on defense. I think that games of Anglo Saxons and Anglo Danes will be slower and with more grind.


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