Dark Ages progress

Last week I was on Holiday in Fiji. I took some models away with me and managed to get some paint on them. I took some plastic dark age warriors that I can use as Anglo Saxons or Anglo Danes.

It was nice to get some base colours on these models. they are now ready for a wash. I think I will break the models into different groups and paint them with different shades of wash on the basis on the colour of their shirt.

I also made a ghetto wet palette out of a glass and some wet tissue. this was useful to use because it kept the paint wet in the hot Fiji air.

When I got home I found Warlord Games had sent me a copy of their shield wall book. this is interesting because its an individual based retinue game version of their Hail Caesar rules. This is cool because I can use my Saga armies for this. (If there is any one who is interested to play with) The book itself is full of great pictures of painted Dark Ages models. Very inspirational.

I also got a figure with the book. Harold Steptoeson. He looks like a cool model and might make a nice warlord figure. I think his army will be called Steptoe and Sons after the old British comedy show.


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