Adeptus Mechanicus - Double Battalion list

The new 40K FAQ were released while I was on holiday. I like the new rules, dropping 75% of your army points on your opponent in a deep strike in the top of turn 1 doesn't seem like much of a game to me. I remember Andy Chambers talking about how attacks in 3rd ed took longer to develop so you didn't need over watch. Then they proceeded to speed up the game so attacks happened without any ability to answer. So I like the slower deep strike and the limitations on the number of duplicates of the units. Tyranids are supposed to be led by a hive tyrant not a committee.

I was impacted by the battle brothers rule because I can't make an Inquisitor and their retinue out of a detachment.

But you now get 5 command points for a battalion so for 2 HQ and 3 troop units you get 5 command points. That's very achievable and still leaves plenty of points left over for toys. I also get to use my new Inquisitor Eisenhorn model as an auxiliary HQ. This is even aligned in one of the Eisenhorn books when he gets his rune staff made.

Now I just need to find a suitable model for Cherubael.


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