Saga games- the viking horde

Here are Russell's Vikings forming up between  a wood and a house. So with his flanks secure it looks like it will be a frontal assault.

Here are my Templars lined up to defend some decent Christian villagers from the pagan horde.

I have my knights in the center with the infantry in advance on the flanks. My crossbows are in the forest on the left.
 The Vikings come swarming forwards while the Templars pray for divine blessings, The Crusader crossbowmen open fire on the warriors reducing them to 4 and then the Brothers go in. After a dose of rubber lances I only kill 3 hearthguard for the loss of two knights. I think Russell's response was "is that it?"
The Viking Warlord leads the Bersekers into the knights after some softening up by the warriors, they bounced off losing 2 warriors ad not killing a Knight.
 Notice the big cleared zone. The berserkers kill all the brother knights, the brothers in turn kill all the berserkers and force the warlord to sacrifice two warriors. The crusader crossbowmen have now moved forward ad killed off the last two warriors. this is starting to starve Russell of Saga dice. Next turn the crossbows will be able to move forward and should gun down the last 3 hearthguard stripping more dice.

So with some inspired rolling of Saga dice and a tricky combination of resting and activating The Viking Warlord leads his last warriors on a win or die charge against the Templar Master.
The Vikings used the ability to fight two rounds of combat, by parrying furiously and the grace of God (AKA rolling a lot of 5+) the Templar warlord wasn't killed. At this point we called it because the Vikings would have been killed off leaving only a Levy unit.


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