Saga - Angle Danes- Sacred ground

This game was a bit more like scorched earth than sacred ground. I got to use the new hill I made because I knew we were going to be playing this scenario.

I got a bit excited during this game so there are not many photos.

I was playing against an Anglo Dane army configured as 3 points of Hearthguard and 3 points of warriors. The Hearthguard were an 8 of ormal and 4 with dane axes and the warriors were in two units of twelve.

The other challenge for a cavalry army is that the objective is to get units into areas of difficult terrain where cavalry are at a disadvantage. I confirmed with the Umpire that the central hill did not count as pieces of terrain. This meant I got to pick another hill for one of the flank terrain pieces. The Anglo Danes chose a field on the other side.

The initial deployment sees both sides favoring their left flank. The Anglo Danes sent a unit of twelve warriors into fields on their left while the Templars split their forces between the two hills. (one hill represented by the brown felt square.

The Anglo Danes took the first turn and made it onto the sacred ground and started building up a lead in their score.

This picture shows the Templar sergeants on the left hand hill. They, sat on the hill building up points and generating Saga dice for the remainder of the battle.

When the Templars had got their devotion up to acceptable levels, the assault for the hill was lead by a charge of the brother knights. 8 Brother knights charged 8 hearthguard wiping them and then slammed into the flank of the large warrior units. The crossbowmen shot off the 4 hearthguard with Dane Axes. A couple of rounds of attrititional fighting back and forth saw a final counter charge by the Anglo Dane Warlord into the Templar Grand Master. Both warlords summoned their saga powers and slew each other. The Anglo Dane Warriors were all killed but one brother knight survived.

This picture shows the hill after the clash of warlords with the Crusader infantry moving onto the hill in support of the survivging brother knights.
The foot sergeants also played a supporting role, they could be replaced with stretcher bearers in this battle.

This picture shows the surviving Anglo Dane Warriors holding their field


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