Executioners coming for the Emperors enemies

I have been working on my Executioners. I have now built about 45 models and a couple of vehicles. I got the shoulder pads and vehicle panels from Chapter Customiser. I also have a set of transfers and airbrush stencils

I have some rework to do on getting the shoulder pads right to match the pictures from the Imperial Armour Badab War book. I need to check the reference more frequently.

This weekend Alan and I are going to have a game of Necromunda so I will get to use my terrain from Death Ray Designs so we can have a more immersive Zone Mortalis style game. Alan is going to use a Genestealer cult and I am using a chaos cult. So its one of those, whomever wins we lose scenarios. Annoyingly I couldn't find my chaos cult models I made a while ago so I made a new gang. I can get the gang table ready by the weekend.


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