A successful days gaming

 If you go down to the underhive, you better go in disguise, because there are things you don't want to meet going down there.

Alan and I had our first game of the new Necromunda. In true fashion we used none of the gangs from the rulebooks or suppliments. So we had Genestealer cult vs Chaos cult. So there have been some strange things going on in the underhive work force. People muttering strange things like workers rights and an end to indentured servitude.

In our game we used the Zone Mortalis boards any my walls from Death Ray Designs. The walls got a lot of spectators and comments. People thought they might be resin at first.

Here is Alan's gang. They are made of official GW models

I made my gang out of  Frostgrave cultists with weapons from the original Necromunda game and some from Hasslefree miniatures.

The game was loads of fun with many cinematic moments. Here is part of the fighting. The Genstealer cult leader got felled by gunfire and is directing his forces from a prone position. One of my steelworkers is trying to pound a cultists. The game changed significantly with opening doors creating sudden new lines of fire.
 Here is a hand to hand fight with some of my gangers and an aberant and other gribbly cultist. This ended badly for my guys. But when my witch arrived at the back of the battle he was able to keep burning the cultists with his psychic powers unit they were nice and crispy then stomping on them to take them out of action.
The after game sequence was very brutal with both our leaders suffering critical injuries and dying due to lack of medical care. No health insurance for either of us. So thats one solo game while we both restart our gangs.

One lesson from the game is that we need dice trays. Rolling the dice on the table was like a hurricane going through the barricades.You also need separate trays to avoid you dice  ending up in a common pool.

After that I got in a multiplayer game of DBA with everyone using their War of the Roses. THis was 2 on 2 and came down to some final clashes between Russell and Pauls battle line. My cannon got take out by Paul's in the first shot of the game. What we didnt realise was that when cannons shoot at each other the loser dies.


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