Stargrave Betrayal of the Daleks

The Daleks have contracted Collen Preks to kidnap an eminent scientist so that the Daleks can enhance the programming of their battle computers. The Daleks and the Movellens were perfectly matched and like two great chess masters every move is predicted and countered. The Daleks believe that some outside ideas could give them an edge.

However Collen Preks has tried to betray the Daleks and extort more money by having an auction. The Daleks respond by sending a strike force to hunt down Preks and recover their prize.

In Dr Who lore the Daleks went back to Skaro to look for Davros and the Movellens captured the Dr. Both would have given the same advice, turn off the computers and make mistakes. Be unpredictable.

Before the game, one of the Daleks make the Armoury roll, because I now have a weapons locker this gives me two successes so I only have to pay for 4 Daleks. Boy do you not get many miles per gallon for those things.

The Jungle set out has the primary objective in the middle of the table so they are very close. The two treasures are in the back corners of the table. The encounters are an automatic wilderness creature every turn.

Turn 1 
The Daleks are trying to bait out the forces around objective 1 and catch them in a cross fire. The Black Dalek casts Energy Surge on his blaster and moves up. A couple of Robomen are advanced so to be the nearest models and make the enemy advance predictable.

The Armoured Trooper emerges from the ruins and zaps a Roboman. However this leaves him exposed to the firepower of most of the Dalek team and the armoured trooper is blasted to bits.

The Lieutenant casts Coordinated fire on the Black Dalek so he is now Shoot +5 and +5 damage with his next shot with his machinegun.

Dalek 4 advanced and shot the Recruit leaving him stunned.

A Ruffian wanders out of the Jungle

Turn 2
Daleks 1 and 3 finish off the Recruit

The Black Dalek advances and shoots Preks The shot does 13 points of damage leaving Preks on 1. Preks then demonstrates why they are so tough and inflicts a critical hit on the Black Dalek destroying it. 
Preks is immune to Stunning, Wounding and critical hits because they are more machine than organic.
The Pathfinder Damages Dalek 2
A Frag Grenade hits Dalek 4. The War Pug then attacks the Dalek but is then killed when the Dalek runs over its tail and inflicts a critical hit.
Roboman 2 and 3 assault Preks and manage to inflict the last wound.

The Special Weapon Dalek opens fire and hits the Pathfinder and both Recruits. Everyone is stunned and the Recruits are wounded as well.

Dalek 3 then blasts the Pathfinder

The Ruffian looks funny at a recruit who is too busy putting out his burning clothes to notice.

A Wild Ferrox arrives

Turn 3

The Grenadier takes out Dalek 1 with a critical hit from a grenade. Fortunately he misses everyone else.

The Special Weapon Dalek finishes off the two Recruits and almost catches the Ruffian. The Dalek then moves over to he Prisoner.
Three Robomen open up on the Grenadier and take him out.

Dalek 4 inflicts a minor wound on the Ruffian with his blaster. The Ruffian decides to attack the Dalek in close combat rather than engage in a blaster vs pistol fight. The Ruffian takes 4 damage.

A Shangrilla arrived in the table.

Turn 4

Dalek 2 moves up and unlocks the treasure.
The Robomen open fire at the Shangrilla and leave it stunned and wounded.
Dalek 4 finishes off the Ruffian and Dalek 3 with an assist from the Roboman take out the Ferrox.

The Lieutenant fails to unlock the prisoner.

A Magmite arrives in a swamp and will be splashing around for a while.

Turn 5
The three Robomen all shoot ineffectually at the Shangrilla

Dalek 2 downloads the data loot and then escapes off the tableDalek 3 arrives at the other loot to find its Physical
The Lieutenant fails to unlock the prisoner.

3 Primitives arrive near Dalek 3, the Magmite splashes around in the swamp having a steam bath.

The Primitives' throw spears at the Dalek and they bounce of his armoued hull. However the distraction prevents the Dalek from unlocking the treasure

Turn 6
Robomen 1 kills the Shangrilla and all the Robomen Exfiltrate
The Lieutenant releases the prisoner transferring them into Dalek control. With a Dalek and Roboman escort the make for the edge of the table.

A Ryankan floats onto the table.

Turn 7
Dalek 4 fails to unlock the treasure and leaves the table
The Lieutenant leads his security detail off the table.
Dalek 3 takes a spear to the grill work and is slowed for a moment. Cue Benny Hill Chase music while the last Dalek makes his way off the table. 

Mission complete

The Black Dalek makes a full recovery, but Dalek 1 dies. Ouch.
The Daleks earn 170 experience and earn 525 credits leaving their account balance at 585.
Both the Black Dalek and the Lieutenant go up a level so both are eligible for a new power. The Black Dalek takes Control Robot and the Lieutenant takes Wall of Force.



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