Daleks, the genetic abomination.

The Daleks have made use of and been victims of bioweapons several times during their history. One of the weaknesses of a cloned race is that something that affects one will affect all and there is no genetic diversity.

The Movellans (a race of robots) created a virus that turned the Daleks into soap suds. This was bad for the poor little octopus creatures.

In a case of life imitating art, NZ is back in level 4 lockdown after the Delta variant escaped into the community. At least its not zombie pox or xenomorph infestation.

In this third mission, the Daleks have tracked down a genetic anomality that is rumored to have psychic powers. The target is trying to find a ship to escape in. This anomaly might have some genetic variation that the Daleks can use to help develop a cure to the space plague.

The Dalek Supreme leads the other Dalek troopers down one street.
The Special Weapons Dalek leads a formation of Robomen.
The last Roboman and the mine worker take cover behind a shipping container which has been converted into a repair shop.
The Lieutenant and the Robomen advance the Lieutenant crisps two of the troopers with his flamer and all the Robomen fire wildly with their shotguns.
The Black Dalek takes out the pathfinder with a critical hit, the other Daleks fire to limited effect. Pondo Pondo wanders over to see what the noise is about. He then blasts one of the Daleks with a critical hit from his psychic powers.
Pondo is basically a big brain is a rocket powered floating chair. The Flamer bot advances, followed by a recruit while the other security team engage the Robomen.
The Armoured trooper takes out a Roboman with a critical hit.
The War Pug charges down the stairs and eats the mine worker with a critical hit
Pondo wanders over for a better look, some of his security team are getting taken out by Dalek firepower, a savage close combat is taking place at the bottom of the stairs. A Ruffian pirate is advancing around the corner of the building.
The Daleks set up a crossfire from the roof and behind the sign.
A Roboman and a ruffian engage is some fisticuffs while his made comes running over.
The Lieutenant takes out the burner but loses a Roboman, the Roboman takes out the War Pug with a critical hit. Pondo and the last of his team on the central building are taken down.
The Black Dalek and his trooper Exterminate Pondo and his security team. The Burner bot and the Dalek trooper engage in a fight but the Recruit then damages the Dalek with his pistol.
The Ruffian takes down the Roboman.
The Burner Bot and the Recruit assault the Dalek, the recruit does more damage while the Black Dalek and the last trooper move to assist.
The Armoured Trooper got shot by the Black Dalek, he then shakes off the stun and starts moving down the stairs to get line of sight on some Daleks.
The Black Dalek assaults the burner bot and kills it. The Recruit bashes the wounded Dalek trooper with his stick to beat the Dalek to death.

The Roboman is engaging two Ruffians

The Lieutenant activates his Transport to bounce over to one of the treasures. The last of Pondos security team, the armoured trooper starts engaging the special weapons Dalek. 
The Black Dalek has Transported over to the building in the middle.

The last Dalek trooper finally deals with that recruit and moves to assist dealing with the armoured trooper. Both Ruffians are now wounded. So are only able to follow slowly

The Special Weapons Dalek, uses its Deck to go through all the possible combinations of the data lock in 3.2 seconds and then downloads the data files

Two more Ruffians come out of a building fortunately its not one that will feature on our exit plan so they are less of a problem at the moment.
The Black Dalek used his Transmat beam to get to the other treasure on this balcony, he then failed to download the data, before engaging the Armoured trooper with the Special Weapons Dalek. Caught in the crossfire the armoured trooper is soon disposed of. The last Dalek and Roboman are making for the edge of the table chased by a gang of Ruffians (cue Benny Hill music).
Here they come lurking down the streets. One of the wounded ruffians has finally been discouraged from chasing the Daleks by a second shotgun blast. He is now lying down and rethinking his life choices.
The Dalek Lieutenant takes his loot home and escapes from the table, the Dalek trooper and Roboman have taken cover behind a parked car. The Black Dalek has finally finished downloading the data file.
The Black Dalek transports off the table and the remainig Dalek forces fall back from the Ruffians. A second patrol of pirate troopers and ruffians had emerged from their workshop and were advancing but too little too late from them.

So, 60% casualties, ouch one Roboman and the slave worker died fortunately both Daleks recovered.

We made it off the table with 450 credits and a holo projector. So that's enough to replace the loses and recover the costs of running 5 Daleks.
We made it off with 230 experience which is slightly more than usual due to casting more powers in the late game.



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