Crossing the Bridge - Norman Style

I played a second crossing the bridge game with Alan. I used my backup warband, who are not as powerful as the main warbands because they have not played in many games. I also don't have banishment so I can't just blast the Hrut off the table. However I do have crossbows.Here is my warband, ready for the off.

Here is Alan's Crew on the other side. In the first Wizard phase, Alan used his gloves of casting to cast Banishment and rolled a 20. This demolished all the Hrut down his side of the table. After that Alan's wizard was left blowing on his now smoking gloves.
We advance forwards leapfrogging past the crossbowmen while they lay down a suppressing fire.
Gisborne and one of the infantrymen form the rear guard because a wraith showed up behind me.
Alan summoned a worm when he picked up a treasure. The worm came over the bridge.
The worm really does look like a demonic electric shaver.
A dimensional barrier splits Alan's party. His templar bashes a Hrut and it blinks through the barrier and into combat with his wizard. That's Mr Long Hammer to you Mr Wizard.
The Worm wriggles over and ends up in combat with Alan's rat-bear. There is some significant biting squealing and clawing before Alan gangs up on the worm and sends it back down its hole. The Hrut Long Hammer bashed poor old Ned Stark before taking some damage and pain blinking away "axes, why is it always axes?"
I am blocked off from making much progress this turn and one of my Men at Arms is taken out by a shot from the Hrut Stinger. 
Gisborne and the infantryman are still watching the wraith. We were lucky last turn that the Wraith was on the wrong side of the barrier but this turn it might be able to get to us. Fall back to the Wizard is the right tactical move.
We have consolidated our position. A Hrut Longhammer is lurking around the corner.

Alan is now making his way off a bridge. The worm is still engaged with the Rat-Bear.
The Hrut Longhammer attacks Gisborne and promptly bashes him in the head.
I am starting to run out of models and a Ghouls and giant rat have shown up and could be a problem. Alan's treasure hunter is the nearest so he needs to back him up before he becomes lunch.
My Infantryman and the wraith both inflict critical hits on each other and explode. The Hrut looks on.
The infantryman and the apprentice take down the Hrut long hammer. There is an extra Hrut warrior to deal with.
The Wizard and crossbowman deal with the Hrut stinger. Alan's warband has dealth with the rat and the ghoul and the other Hrut.
I get pinned against the barrier and attacked by a final pair of Hrut %^&*%*^& double 6.
I managed to get my Wizard, apprentice and 2 warband members off.
After the battle, everyone recovers apart from a crossboman and an infantryman, the one who had been killed by the Wraith. Gisborne rolled a 20 for his recovery roll. Typical he is rubbish in the game but great at recovering.
I got a knight with a +1 fight magic Sword and a Thug with a +1 magic sword to replace them. So not bad. I also got a mindlock shield and managed to enchant the other crossbow. I replaced the scroll of embed enchantment I used on the crossbow.


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