Frostgrave - Raid on the Temple, Norman Style

Thomas had yet to raid the temple, so I took my secondary warband. Brother De Reynald is taking some men at arms lent him by his brother the Sheriff. 

This was the initial layout with the berserkers guarding the portals.
We start sneaking down the side of the temple. Thomas sent his dog in to attract the Berserkers into a group. I helped by chucking Grenades into the scrum.
Bertrand the Apprentice leads a crew down the flank, he chucks a holy grenade as well.

Thomas is making good headway through the Berserkers

A giant Worm shows up (played by a troll) This was quite a hazard until it took a critical crossbow bolt to the face, then it remembered it had to go home to do its taxes and fill out an occupational safety report.
A Boar showed up. I have a bit of a phobia about Boars after one killed my last wizard. However this one got put onto the roasting spit pretty quickly.
The Hrut start showing up so guess what they get a good old Grenade. I think I chucked a couple and the Hrut bounced into optimum firing position for Thomas. "You may fire when ready"
One of the Hrut was quite stubborn and refused to die, even when surrounded by three or four of Thomas's warband.
Thomas is now moving towards his exfiltration point
The last surviving Hrut is starting to take down some of Thomas's warband.

I made it off the table with a coule of trasures and  This made some more money and some more magic items.



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