Aliens Terrain

I have been watching a bunch of online roleplaying groups celebrate their hobby. The players do a great job of getting into their character, coming up with voices and accents.

One of the best games to watch is the Alien game. Its a universe I have enjoyed since the movies first game out.

With Stargrave coming out soon its likely that our adventuring crew will get into all sorts of trouble seeking out loot counters. I built some terrain that could make a great central objective or a place where you access another part of the game space, such as underground. Several of Joe's scenarios use a special room where players have to get to to meet the main monster and get to the best loot.

So with a block of high density foam in my hands and plenty of Aliens podcasts to listen to, here is what I got up to.

Here is the first rough carved shape and the initial sanding.

I added another part to the curve to create a cave like space that corresponds to the central portion of the ship. I also added some plaster to smooth out the contours.

I reviewed the images from the movies of the ship, I realised it contained a number of projections. So I added some from some leftover foam.
I then set about texturing the hull with the sheets of textured DAS clay using the Alien Hive texture.
A coat of black paint and a wash of dusty colours and now we are getting somewhere.
There was one problems with the terrain, it didn't stand up by itself so I made a base out of foamcore and textured it with some plaster rocks and some flock. Here are some models from Another Glorious Day in the Corp for scale.
Here is the finished piece photographed against my asteroid gaming mat
This is a close up of the end of the ship showing the texture.

This project took me a couple of months to make while working on some other things. So not a huge amount of effort to build it.


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