First game of 2021 - Frostgrave white cannibal gorillas in a snow storm

What could possibly go wrong?

Richard and I got in another game of Frostgrave at the Warlords on Saturday

We were playing the scenario that has everyone in a mist. Line of sight is restricted to 10 inches although you can spend a mist token to allow one model to have normal LOS. There are also a number of gorillas in the area one has made a home next to the central treasure and each player has two others that they can place when someone picks up a treasure. The gorillas are quite tough.

I had also finished some new buildings. They are made out of plastic bowls. They have roofs made out of the bottoms of the bowls and either a polystyrene ball or a McDonalds Sunday cap to give them some shape. Its nice to be able to make terrain from scratch even in the age of MDF kits and easily purchasable terrain.

Here is the crew coming out of one of the new houses, this is a bit ruined and has no roof, so maybe a student rental property in Felstadt.

My warband are advancing forwards. I also made some rocky fingers and rubble. The embankments do a good job of blocking LOS.

Richard has leapt one of his men at arms onto the central objectives and one of his combat bears, he has also laid down some fog. For some reason he didn't want to be peppered with arrows. Robin had taken a shot down range which missed.

It was at this point that we remembered that there was supposed to be a gorilla on the central treasure.
Alan has picked up a treasure and is making his way back to the base.
Fortunately, he is escorted by Eric and Will, because a Gorilla might just show up where you least want one.
Bob, my illusionary soldier , think of him as an emergency combat hologram) is doing sterling service, he has so far drawn an arrow from Richards crew and is threatening one of his treasures.
Eric and Will make short work of the gorilla.
Richard's bear made short work of the gorilla and threw the corpse off the tower.
Friar Tuck picks up a treasure and another gorilla shows up. This attacks my Illusionary soldier, the illusion deals the gorilla a mighty blow except it can't do damage but it pushes the gorilla back.
Robin is looking heroic while Friar Tuck makes it back with a treasure. Little John ran over to smash the gorilla but promptly got brained with a large thigh bone. Robin raced over and stabbed the gorilla with Albion. The gorilla fell over dead.

Will Scarlet accounted for one of Richards bears
Alan a Dale makes his way back to base singing his favourite song "Gold glorious Gold" 

Richard pulled off a great move his man at arms picked up the central treasure and the following turn used a mist point to give him LOS and then used the potion of Teleport to get back to the base edge. At this point I had no way to get anywhere near Richards gang so we called the game.
I ended up with 2 grimoires, one of which was for a spell I already knew. So we took it down to Crazy Geoffs used magic items and converted it into gold. We then used the lovely money to outfit the base with a Sarcophagus of Healing and a Scriptorium, we managed to write a scroll as well.

I liked the ability to place to monsters tactically. I liked the approach to monsters that you could either place them out of LOS or roll randomly on a table edge. 

Everyone is also excited because their Red King stuff is arriving. Some of us are already putting together their Hrut (daemonic beastmen) and barbarians. Those scenarios look really crazy but that's what you get when realities collide.


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