Frostgrave - Celebrations in Nottingham Castle

We got in a second game. I used my Robin Hood band. I was playing against Alan's witch, also known as a traveling circus due to its reliance on animal acts. Edward also has a Thamaturge. 

We were playing the Worm Hunts scenario. The treasure is scattered throughout the hunting ground of a large predator probably its the indigestible stuff. In good news the alpha predator has scared off all the other creatures. Bad news the worm is quite tough.

I am lucky enough to win the choice of deployment areas and chose a ruined building that overlooked the objective. We started the typical slog to the treasure. I had one in the building and one just outside it so hopefully this won't take too many resources to secure them.
Here is the other half of the warband running around and through the side of the building. At the start of the creature phase I rolled and the predator showed up. It shows up next to a treasure and ended up showing up right in front of Alan's warband

The predator and Alan's bear-rat engage in combat.
We decide to go child friendly and block off the melee with a fog.

Alan he decides that it would be good to wall off his treasure so he can pick it up without getting peppered with arrows.

My assault team are making a push for the middle treasure. Alan a Dale is standing next to a treasure. I was thinking about running him towards the central treasure but in the end decided not to. So he picks up that treasure and legs it back to the base.

Alan has lost Ratus to the predator but killed the Predator, Teddy is having a dance with Edwards big construct . Alan is also taking fire from Edwards shooters. 
Much having a great time on the upper floor of the building guarding his treasure. My fog has collapsed
Alan decided he didn't want me having the ability to shoot him so he cast another fog. My assault group have made it to the central building. In the background I can see Edwards henchman trying to get one of the treasures. Teddy is now fighting Edwards construct and is quite near the central treasure.
Some of Alan's warband make it to the central treasure and a bight fight breaks out in the ruins of the ancient temple. Nasir has a go but gets stabbed and pushed back. Fortunately I can heal my fighters and get them back in action.
A wild boar shows up nearby. These are great because they come with a bounty because you can sell their tusks. The boys are thinking about roast boar. Unfortunately this boar was really angry and charged into Herne and gored him with a crit 20. Herne fell without even a sound. Done in by a pig, maybe he was from Baratheon stock.
Little John introduces Alan's man at arms to his big stick with the support of Eric. Teddy has fallen and Edwards team are now overrunning parts of Alan's warband and the other treasure.
Little John gets wounded and pushed back by Alan's fighter. Alan managed to roll his dice so it bumped mine which then changed facing from a 19 to a 1.Friar Tuck wanders over and hands him the healing potion.  John leaps back into action and bops Alan's tracker. The Boar takes arrow fire but is now wounded and mad and closing on my apprentice.
Friar Tuck picks up the central treasure while the rest of the band race over to save Marion from the rampaging pig. Robin kills it with a crit 20.
I only have one survival roll to make and its for my Wizard and guess what he rolls a 1. So my Wizard is dead. Eeek. The warband is stunned Marion can't even manage to write a scroll.

We do manage to gather some good treasures including a grimoire of Destroy Undead. So I end up promoting Marion to wizard and buying a new apprentice. So now I have some new models to paint.

So tonight the Normans are celebrating the death of one of the Anglo Saxons folk heroes. Be careful what you wish for. The powers of Light and Darkness are now investing themselves in Marion.


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