Never let politics get in the way of wargaming

Last weekend should have been a Warlords meeting. However we had to postpone the meeting until next week because we had to have an election and they needed our venue for a polling booth. The voting went about as predicted, especially by the magic bean poling machine in the cafĂ© in the local mall. 

I have been working on my stuff for Frostgrave. We are starting our campaign next weekend so I have been making some markers and terrain and painting some more models. I now have several warband concepts based on the factions from the Robin of Sherwood show.

I have built some Fog markers and some Wall markers. I got inspired by a Vince Venturella video where he used DAS clay to make bases. I got some stone texture rollers and rolled out sheets of clay then rolled the texture over the clay. Once dry I glued the slabs onto a frame of extruded PVC sheet.

Nile and Pharoah are enjoying working from home while baby Yoda looks on.

To make the fog walls I made some support frames and then glued cotton wool over them. Several layers of spray paint later and I now have some fluffy grey walls.

I also have some other pieces of terrain that might not be ready for the first games they will need painting. So that will be a future update.

I bought a set of dungeon walls from Death Ray Designs. These are laser cut wall sections with a variety of doors and grates. The walls have some stone block textures engraved on them so all they will need is some paint and washes. I like the DRD stuff its a good mix between detail and complexity. I have just started assembling these sections.


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