Last Days - in the future

 With humanity surviving the 21st century, Alan Richard, Thomas and I took some last days crews to investigate a colony planet.

Alan had some Wayland-Yutani commandos, I had an acquisitions team from Wagner-Gurevich. Microsoft had dispatched a support team from their Service Hub lead by Thomas and Richard was using a band of independent contractors. 

When you lose contact with one of your colonies after investing millions of credits, its important to try and save your investment.

This is my team. I have an acquisitions project manager, 5 soldiers and Nikita the Synthetic. My Solders are a set from Copplestone and the others are Hasslefree.
This is an overview of the table. My team are positioned here for display. The gaming area is two 6*4 tables. These are my new Geek Villain cloths. The Buildings are all Allan's
Out teams are spreading out from the comms tower. My project manager and the communications expert stay in the tower to download the colony log as soon as Wayland Yutani get the power back on. The rest of the team head to the garage to secure the heavy rescue vehicle.
Here are Richard's team of Mercenaries, he has a medic (which would prove handy)
The first customers needing assistance to reset their password race towards the Microsoft team.
The local union representatives arrive to discuss the required number of workers to re-enable a power plant.
My team have a quite saunter to the garage. The WY commandos have set up some sentry guns to support their efforts.
A huge alien Crusher tries to make Richards team an offer they cannot refuse.
My team have put down one of our advanced sensor designators. This might be useful if the WY team get over run and we need to call in some close air support.
More urgent customer inquiries press the Microsoft team while they check the buildings for unlicensed software. They call it a true up exercise.
It looks like Microsoft shares could be under threat.
The Crusher rushes forwards towards Richards team. Contract negotiations are tense with disagreement over several finer points (like how many of Richards team get eaten).
Richards team end up killing the Crusher which then explodes showering nearby buildings and mercenaries with acidic blood. Richards team leader states that's a good thing because now they don't have to worry about picking the lock on the door to get into the lab. Half the wall is completely melted.

WY are engaged with the alien drones in the powerplant.
My team have made it to the supply truck and my Synthetic starts the vehicle right up. Its easier when you can spool out a fibre optic connection and communicate directly with the onboard computer.

My team board the vehicle and are ready to move out. WY are trying to get rid of the Aliens who are now holding a sit in protest on the power plant.
Another group of unlicensed software users come forward to ask about a special pricing deal. Thomas is using close quarters entry tactics the point man unlocks the baracks and scans for unlicensed software while the rest of the team provide over watch.

Wagons role comrades, my team set off towards the lab to rescue some specimen samples.
Richards team have finally dealt with the Alien crusher and are now approaching the lab.
Richards team enter the lab only to find there is a waiting list to talk to the doctor.
Richards team are providing fire support through the open wall and all the windows are blown out by now. My team have nearly arrived at the lab in their truck
he truck is now ready for loading. Richards team have finally been advised that the doctor will see them now and are ready to enter the lab.
After having issued a barrage of cease and desist notices to the unlicensed aliens the Microsoft team are ready to enter the second building.
WY are now almost ready to get the power on, their company rep is personally negotiation with an environmental protester. nothing like getting your hands dirty to administer the personal touch.
the WY smartgun operator moved round to engage in some robust discourse with one of the aliens. Company rep has finished this round of negotiation and will recommend that the next negotiations be undertaken with a pulse rifle. The comms tech is operating the consol to get the power back on.
Sergei my Smartgun operator opens fire at some aliens. 
My team are dragging the sample containers back to the truck while Richards team downloads the medical database.
A royal guard alien arrives and is promptly issued a C&D notice requiring him to cease using all microsoft products. His central nervous system collapses as he suffers a stack overflow failure. 
The latest Disney princess arrives on the scene. After the brand wars of he 21st century all entertainment franchises are Disney.
Some more unlicensed users await the chance to press their clam for an exemption.
The queen waits her chance to discuss he environmantal imapct of this colony with the WY team
A second crusher arrives and the two teams collaborate to politely request it proceeds in another direction. Again this one exploded and some of my team got a spray.
A whole bunch of new patients arrived in Medlab. Yuri is still trying to get one of the sample containers back to the truck.
Its getting crowded down in this corner with the crusher and the aliens in medlab.
My team make it out of the lab with one of the samples. Richards team have secured their data and everyone is heading back to the comms tower.
Still more aliens arrive to discuss licencing with Microsoft. They are busy assisting the WY team dealing with the queen.
My Smartgunner has been sprayed in alien acid and is feeling a bit unhappy. He is only alive because he was wearing his combat armour.
Some Alien warriors try and ambush my team from a nearby building.
Everyone has fallen back to the comms tower with Aliens on all sides.
With the teams able to supprt each other, the last few aliens are eliminated in a series of short controlled bursts.

With the dropships arriving to pick us up, we have survived the Alien onslaught. The teams all have wounded and casualties and at several points we were almost overrun.


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