Kill Team - a real live opponent

New Zealand is returning to normal, we are now down to 1 active case in a country of 5.2 million people. My local wargaming club had it's first meeting since 23 March.

Alan and I tried out a game of Kill Team. Just to get in some practice of rolling dice.

I used the Flawless Host while Alan used a Deathwatch team of 5 Intercessors, supported by the recent inductee Brother Knuckles from the Doomfarers.

Turn 1 is very peaceful with both sides running out of the deployment zones and into the middle. There was no shooting or fighting so the turn was over quick.

 Turn 2 both sides continued their advance.
 The Flawless host moves onto one of the deathwatch objectives and one of their marines moves up to block the door.

 The Flawless Host marine makes 3 out of 3 rolls to keep the door closed.
 There is some shooting in turn 2, the chaos marine on the objective survives with a flesh wound. Victory points are now 4-2 in favour of the Flawess Host.

Turn 3 the Flawless Host charge in to pin down the Deathwatch
Cletus Glaw decides to close the door to prevent him being sniped by a bolt round. You don't get to boss around some Chaos Space Marines without some smarts. This allows him to maximise his contribution by generating command points.

With the Deathwatch tied down a second marine moves over to hold the door.
 The Marines open the door and the sergeant charges into combat.
 The Flawless host plasma gunner shoots down a deathwatch marine, one of the chaos marines is shot down. The sergeant manages to miss all of his attacks.
 The Chaos assault fares no better, the aspiring champion zealot fails to hit with all its attacks even burning a reroll. He then gets punched in the face by a Primaris and taken out of action
 The Deathwatch get one point for killign a specialist as do the Flawless Host. The host also get 3 points for holding more objectives. So its 8 to 3

 Turn 4 and Alan's dice run hot. The Plasma gunner missed and both him and the autocannon marine both get killed. As these were specialists, this earns Alan 2 more points. The veteran sergeant also kills a guy in close combat earning another point. Alan also has 2 points from bounty hunters and another point from holding two objectives.
 One last marine and the leader are all that are left. The Flawless host get one point for holding 2 objectives.
 So both sides end up at 9 points at the end so its a draw.

This was an exciting game with plenty of swing, some narrative moments and dice rolls all over the place.
Here is the dead pile. These marines lack anti armour weapons especially if fighting 2 wound characters. The autocannon also got killed without managing to get a shot off.

On reflection. I shold have run away from Alan in the last turn. Protecting my specialists from being killed and not getting killed in close combat would have denied Alan the victory points for a win.

Nice to get out and roll some dice after 2 months.


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