Hobby Update - The Apocalypse Week 4

Last weekend was the second club meeting we have missed due to the COVID response. Based on the latest update from the NZ government today, it looks like there will be another 3 weeks of life at home and it might be the end of May before we get to have another club meeting.

This week I got into making Kill Teams again. These are a nice way to use up some old spare models I had lying around.

I got inspired to make a Flawless Host kill team. These are Slaaneshi worshiping marines. They appeared in a short story involving the Carcharadons and have been around in several editions of the Chaos Space Marine Codex.

I made some Noise Marine models maybe 15-20 years ago so I dug out a couple of those models and some other models to make the kill team. I also found an old metal Noise Marine Chaos Lord who can lead the team. I built some cultists to help provide some models to round out the list. I might also see if I can make a possessed that looks like more than just a marine with some tentacles stuck on.

I have also been building some World Eaters. Most of these models date from models I bought in the GW Wellington opening sale so about 25 years ago.

For the Loyalists I have made progress on the Howling Griffons and the Marines Errant. These need some tidying up and the bases need doing.


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