If you go down to the woods today

You might become an endangered species.

I am building a second age of magic army for Saga. Apparently my Undead can be annoying to play. Who would have thought that cursing two key units and casting nightmares on one of them would be annoying?

So I am building a Lords of the Wild army from my back catalogue of unpainted miniatures. The army is made from GW beastmen from last millenium, Mierce Miniatures most of which were from the Maelstrom going out of business sale and some Privateer Press Legion of Everblight elves.

I have a general on beast, a sorcerer, 3 quadraped creatures, 6 hearthguard with bows, 2 units of warriors a unit of levy and a flying monster.

This army will be quite different to play, it can do quite a lot of shooting and is quite good a making use of terrain, you can even turn a piece of terrain into a titan and use that to attack enemy units or annoy them by moving in their way. This reminds me of the old Wood Elf ability to surf trees across the battlefield.


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