The moon miners are revolting

I got taken shopping on Saturday. So while the family went and looked at couches, I did what any right thinking wargamer I ducked into Warehouse Stationary and picked up some brushes.

It turns out I accidentally bought a liner brush, this is a size 2 brush with very long bristles. This brush is very good for lining panels on armour.

Here are my experiment on this Marine Errant.

I have also been working on some Genestealer cult models. These are painted in classic Space 1999 space suit colours. I have a collection of aberants, guys with industrial weapons and miscellaneous objective grabbers.  I am experimenting with some different colours for the carapace and genstealer skin. I can also blend the green and purple to get blue. 

In the back of this picture are some space cops from core space, there are two troopers a combat robot or cyborg and an officer. These could be a Realities Edge crew.

I have been watching Ash and Owen play Frostgrave again. I do fancy a game of Star Wargrave where we use star wars style figures. Time to dig out a list of troop types and go down to some wretched hives of scum and villainy to recruit a group of people who are prepared to gamble their lives for money.


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