Ghost archipelego

Alan and I had our first game of our Ghost Archipelago at the club yesterday. I had been making some terrain so we got to try that out as well.
 I made some contours out of sheets of polystyrene. These can be islands if we put them on a blue cloth or hills if we put them on a solid ground.
This is what it looks like when spread over a 6 by 4 table.

I have also been making trees out of aquarium plants to give me some jungle trees. In the corner I have some GW palm trees. I don't think it matters too much as long as you have the different type of trees in a clump.

Here is my Heritor and Crew, these are a mix of Reaper, Northstar and Warlord games models. This crew is inspired by a Stygian opponent from one of Conan's stories. I did quite a bit of the painting last night.
 Here are my crew deployed ready to go. This Rocky island is Alan's These are made out of foam rubber so they squash down into a box.

Here is the crew spreading out onto the central island
My Heritor is leading the advance up to the central pinnacle while everyone else spreads out to recover the nearby treasures.

Alan's crew recover one of the treasures and a giant tick arrives behind my warband. This tick is supposed to be easy but proved to be a real problem.
My Crew recover a treasure and a spirit warrior appears near Alan's crew to defend the ancient treasures from being defiled by the intruders.
 A major engagement is now breaking out on the right hand side of the island. My archer shoots one of Alan's crew and he topples into the water out of the fight. Arrows and bolts start snapping back and forth.
Bellowing prayers to Sigmar Alan's Herritor charges into action against my Mercenary. Alan's specialists are a group of barbaric looking hissing snake men.
 My Heritor is making the climb to the mountain to claim the main treasure. At this point I reread the scenario rules an realised that the treasure had a guardian. So rolling on the table 2 skeletons appeared. These being proxied by some cannibal tribesmen.

My Heritor used wraithwalk to move ignoring the terrain to charge into  a skeleton and dispatch him with a swipe of his sword. The second Skellie charged me and met the same fate as his companion.

It then took my Heritor two turns to push the block off the treasure, scoop up the treasure and wraithwalk back to the lower level.

The battle at the bottom of the mountain has started heating up. My mercenary and a crewman managed to dispatch Alan's Heritor, is spite of successfully using Iron Skin to reduce the damage a couple of blows with double handed weapons dispatched the Heritor.

Hiss the archer managed to put an arrow into my Warden and wound her. While she was staggering away from the fight she was finished off by the crossbowman. In the bottom of the picture one of my crew is lugging the treasure back to the edge of the table.

 Another crewman is trying to get away but gets set upon by the tick. Over the next couple of rounds the tick suck the life out of my poor unfortunate crewman.

My Mercenary also get shot and wounded by an arrow from the Snake men.

My Crewman and an archer attack the snake man archer and the sacred warrior attacks the man at arms.
Alan's storm Warden has set up shop in the ruined building.
The tick has finished with my Crewman and is now well set up for retirement and casting about for its next meal.

My wounded mercenary is trying to make it back to the boat and maybe pick up a treasure, encounters the tick. He quickly loses the battle and adds to the pile of corpses. At least he managed to not catch a disease.

 My Heritor has made his way back to the lower levels and is now looking round for any other members of his warband. There are quite a few missing.
Alan's Warden zaps one of my crewmen with a lighting bolt while my archer wounds his archer.
 Alan's archer get finished off and the Spirit Warrior and Alan's Snake at arms manage a double decapitation and kill each other with a tied combat result
 My Heritor spies one of Alan's crew lurking in the bushes and charges him. After a quick exchange of blows the crewman is dispatched.

The tick has dispatched my Mercenary and is now looking around for a second victim.
My Crewman had made it all the way back to the cornfield before a crossbow bolt knocked him out of action.
The Tick has attacked my archer and wounds him. In the second round of combat my wounded archer manages to kill the ferocious beast.

My archer managed to make it back to base. My Heritor secured the main treasure and one of my other crewmen managed to make it back to base with another treasure. Alan secured the other three.

So now my Heritor is level 2, one of the archers died and the Mercenary needs to rest and recover.

The Main treasure turned out to be a map stone and the other treasure I got was a magic crossbow. I don't have anyone who can use a crossbow so My Heritor will carry it.

Next meeting we are having a Saga Melee so I need to pick the army for that and make sure it is finished.


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