Experiments with Sculpey clay

Luke has been watching hobby videos on YouTube. Just like his Dad:-)

He wanted to make some Pokemon characters. After making some figures with DAS which wasn't working out like he wanted, I went down to Spotlight and bought some packs of coloured Sculpey clay.

This turned out to be really useful, you can mix colours to make shades and highlights and it takes paint well when cooked.

Here is a picture of Grima and Ghastly. They survived a day at school requiring only minor treatment by the medicus.

I will be getting the Sulaco deck mould back this weekend so will be putting my new Sculpey skills to the test rolling out sheets of deck tiles.

I am making some more progress on my War of the Roses army. There are a lot of interested people down at the Warlords so we might have a new and diverse period to keep people occupied in 2018.


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